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Vision Book – How to Picturise Your Success

Vision Book

My Vision Book

Vision Book

How would you feel if the achievement of your goals was present with you in the here and now? (Tweet this!)

What would that mean to you?

In these days of instant gratification, we would all like to have our dreams manifest themselves instantaneously as if by magic.

Of course, that’s not really possible. But there is a way of being able to lock into your dreams and (maybe) obtain them a little quicker by remaining focussed on them.

The way to do this is to create a ‘Vision Book.’

Its one of those things I was inspired to do a while back by authors such as Jack Canfield and Paul McKenna . I created my own vision book after having been inspired by their work and I’ve still continued to use it up to the present time. 

How does it work?

Whatever your goal is, you can create a visual representation of it and keep it visible in your Vision Book. It works like this. Find yourself a book with blank pages, preferably plain ones. The book can be whatever you want it to be, but the more attractive and personal it is the better. For instance, the one I’ve got (pictured above) has got an attractive soft material cover with beige-coloured blank pages. (I’ve had this book since 2009. I found it reduced in Tescos, so its always worth shopping around for a bargain!) Whatever is is that you use, it should be as personal to you as possible. After all, its for your purpose and nobody elses!

The next thing to do is to find some pictures and images to put in the Vision Book. These images should be reflective of your goals as much as possible. For instance, if one of your goals is to earn more money, you might want to find images of money, rich people, activities or subjects related to wealth-creation. 

You can find such images in newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogue, books etc. You can either cut them out or photocopy them (especially if you happened to find them in a book you don’t want to damage!) Alternatively, if you have some trouble finding the images you want, try using Google images to find them instead and print them off (obviously, be careful how you use images that are subject to copyright, although if they are used for you own private use you should be okay!) Whatever you use, you want to make them as appealing and as attractive as possible.

Paste these images into your book and include with them heading or bullet points detailing your goals. Also, try finding appropriate, inspirational quotes to write next to your images which can help keep you motivated.

You don’t need to fill up the book entirely straight away. You can buid it up as you go along. However, you might wish to start another one when you come to the end of your current Vision Book (especially as you start achieving your goals and set yourself new ones.)

Make sure you review your Vision Book regualry and spend a little time flicking through the pages. You can also display it in a prominent place (as I do with mine, mounted on a book chair) and set it on a particular page which you want to be regualrly reminded of. By doing this, you will be keeping your goals visible at all times – which is a great way of keeping them current in both your conscious and sub-conscious mind. I tend to look at my book at least two to three times a week. If you have time, maybe you can try reviewing it every day. Feel as empowered and motivated as you can by what are you seeing in your book.

In fact, the real trick is to use the images in your Vision Book to make your subconscious mind think that you have already achieved your goals. That’s why its a great idea to use this in conjunction with visualisation practice! (As the subconscious does not know the difference between what is real and imagined, it can be programmed into thinking these things have already been achieved. Once this happens, the subconscious will seek to make what it is programmed to accept into reality.)

So why not give it a try? Use a Vision Book to create your goals in the here and now.

Action Step

Using the advice stated above, create yourself a Vision Book depicting all your goals with images, quotes, mantra etc. Once you have created it, give yourself a 30 day challenge of looking at it at least once a day, every day for the 30 day period. See how supercharged you feel after having completed the challenge. How much more motivated do you feel about your goals? What’s the likelihood of you now achieving them?

What do you think? Would a Vision Book help you to achieve your goals? if you already have one or have used one previously, how useful has it been in inspiring you to achieve success? Please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


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