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Time for more MAD-ness! Massive Action Day 5.10.2013

Time for more MAD-ness! (Tweet this!)

This is a quick post to let visitors to this site know about a special online event happening this coming Saturday, 5th October 2013. Jurgen Wolff (writer of ‘Focus – Use the Power of Targetted Thinking to Get More Done‘ and ‘Creativity Now’) is hosting another of his Massive Action Days (known as ‘MAD’.)

If you don’t know what a MAD is, basically it means dedicating an entire day to progressing a single project or a series of tasks that you’ve been meaning to get round to for some time – but never got the opportunity! Jurgen first proposed the idea in ‘Focus’ as a time-management principle which he has used to good effect in the past. He has since developed it further into an actual event, where people can share in the same ‘MAD’ experience online.

The ‘MAD’ day consists of logging on to a specially hosted ‘chat-room’, where you can interact and share ideas with other ‘MAD-ers’. Jurgen also interacts directly himself, as well as running video briefings personally at regular intervals. (Usually, these are on the hour, every hour but he’s changing it to every two hours this time due to popular request. This is just to help people focus on what they want to do!)

There are also resources provided to help you focus on whatever goals you are working on during the MAD. I’ve certainly found some of the tips and ideas Jurgen has provided during past MADs to be extremely helpful. He always comes up with some new ideas and concepts as well. This makes it doubly beneficial in terms of the value provided.

I really couldn’t recommend MAD more as a great way to kick start your goals (or maybe even make a start on a new project!) Although a lot of people who tend to sign up are writers like me, MAD is designed for anybody who has a goal to pursue and which they seriously want to progress.

So why not give it a try?

You can sign up either for the one session or for a full 10 MADs at a discount price. The event starts this Saturday at 9 am (GMT UK) and will go on till 12 midnight (although Jurgen will be hosting from California, which means he’ll be working through the night. I take my hat off to you, J!)

Action Step:

If you fancy giving MAD a try this weekend, click here for more details.

What do you think? If you have used MAD before, please feel free to leave some feedback below. I love to find out how you got on with it.

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