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Nick Davies’ new 30 Day Challenge for August 2013

30 Day Challenge

New 30 Day Challenge – August 2013

Last night, I wrote this post on my personal blog –– about the results from my July ‘30 Day Challenge’ of ‘Finding a Literary Agent’. You can read it by clicking here.

Again, it’s now a new month and new challenge. But there’s a bit of twist on this occasion. This time, I’m going to integrate my planning with a process I’ve picked up from an e-book I’ve been reading on Kindle. This book was right up my street when I discovered it, as it’s all about 30 Day Goals! It’s called ‘The 30 Day Goal Machine’ and it’s by Charles H Brown.

This is the reason why I’m posting my latest challenge on ‘Success Psychology’ as opposed to my personal blog, as I think it might be something Success Psychology readers might find of interest. Although it is a self-published book priced at 77p, it is actually quite well written and a very useful little work which focuses on one aspect of 30 Day Goal setting. This is the creation of a ‘goal journal’ which the author calls a “30 Day Goal Machine.”

The purpose of this journal (which was inspired by something Tom Monaghan of Domino’s Pizza fame used to use) is to act as a motivational record to keep your goal moving forward. Inside the journal, you can record anything in relation to your goal such as ideas, strategies, progress, reminders of what you want to achieve etc. etc. In fact, the author also details some simple yet effective questions you can ask yourself in order to facilitate the recording process. The idea of this is to effectively keep you focussed and motivated at the same time. You should write in and review your journal on a daily business in order to gain the maximum benefit from the time investment in your goal.

Of course, it’s unlikely you are going to achieve major goals within your 30 day time limit (such as writing a best-selling novel and getting it published, or making a million from a new product launch.) However, what this system does do is enable you to make a huge amount of progress towards your goal. This fits very nicely with the whole ‘30 Day Challenge’ concept for me, which I have already found works quite effectively from my previous experiments. The idea of having a journal to assist motivation is a great concept which I hadn’t thought of before!

In spite of this, the book would probably benefit from a summary at the end of each chapter regarding the concepts and also a list of actions at the conclusion of the actual work itself so that you can remember everything that was detailed. This would help in terms of coherence of information and referring back to some of the book’s key concepts. There is also the odd typo or grammatical error, but for an apparently self-published work this is no great detraction. It certainly has motivated me to carry on with my 30 Day Challenge this month and is worth checking out if you want to learn about ‘The 30 Day Goal Machine‘ for yourself.

And so here it is. My specific SMART target is as follows:

S – Specific: To progress my Internet Writing Business (non-fiction);

M – Measurable: To be writing regularly on my blog and submitting articles to online writing sites on a regular basis by the end of the month;

A – Achievable: I will have achieved this task if, by the end of the timescale, I have managed to sign up to several sites and submit articles/posts to these and my blog on a regular basis;

R – Realistic: I can afford at least 90 minutes a day, if not longer, to working on this goal;

T – Timely: I will set myself 30 days to complete this challenge.

The reason for this goal is that I wish to progress and develop my internet writing business for non-fiction. If anything, it’s building on the first challenge from June when I set myself the task of writing at least 500 words a day. To make this worthwhile and to keep up the momentum of writing, I need to take step up to the mark and take some important first steps towards making it my primary form of business.

I’ve already started by planning my actions for this goal over the next thirty days. Here’s my plan of action (again, based on an exercise created by Jurgen Wolff):

 Internet Writing Business August 2013  Read relevant guides on Kindle Identify sites which pay for writing First articles for ‘Bubblews’ Continue to build Success Psychology blog content SEO Success Psychology Begin submitting to additional sites identified Review progress from journal notebook


Just like the previous challenge, although the above plan does follow a logical sequence, some of the tasks might be concurrent.  Here’s how I’ve got on thus far:

01/08/2013 Rest day (after arduous previous 30 Day Challenge)
02/08/2013 Finished ‘30 Day Goal Machine’ and another e-book; planning and recording in journal.


The ‘twist’ to this particular challenge I mentioned is that, this time, I’ll be keeping a written goal journal to record everything in as detailed by ‘The 30 Day Goal Machine’ (you may have noticed from the table above that I’ve already got started on this!) I will certainly report back at the end of this 30 Day Challenge as to how much of a difference this has made!

So there’s my new 30 day challenge. As with the previous times, I’ll be reporting on my progress at regular intervals along the way in a mid and final review on

In the meantime, if you are reading this and would like to leave any comments, observations or feedback on my challenge, feel free to add a comment in the box below. Of course, you may have been inspired to do a ‘30 Day Challenge’ yourself. If so, I’d love to hear how you are getting on and what things you’ve learnt as a result of your endeavours. Any comments are always thoroughly appreciated!

Look forward to seeing you in the midway review post.

Nick Davies


(Disclaimer note: The link to this book on Amazon is an affiliate link. This means that if you decide to purchase it, I receive a sales commission. However, that does not mean my views/opinions are for sale. All items reviewed on this site are things I have used and found highly useful in the past or present. But DO NOT take my word for it – make sure you do your own research online before buying anything.)

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