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How to kill your dreams: Bel Pesce on TED

How to Kill Your Dreams: The 5 Best Ways by Bel Pesce on TED

Would you like to know the five best ways to kill your dreams?

Bel Pesce shows you how in her recent TED talk.

Now, if you are planning to successful, its a good idea to take notice of what Bel says, because what she talks about in her TED talk are the 5 common myths people hold on to which undermine them from achieving their goals. So, if you follow her advice – and do the exact opposite – you will have a better chance of realising your dreams.

Bel is a successful entrepreneur from Brazil. She spent many years studying hard before winning a scholarship to MIT. She then went on to follow a very successful career in Sillicon Valley before returning back to Brazil to inspire others to follow her lead. (You can read a full bio on TED here.)

I think the methodology she employs is very sound. After all, most of us spend our lives focusing on things that won’t work rather than on things that will. This is because most of us have a powerful inner critic that will always try to undermine our goals by reinforcing the sub-conscious self-belief that we’re not good enough. Therefore, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to never achieve our goals and dreams. When this happens, the inner critic is there saying ‘I told you so. Why did you bother?’

Furthermore, as Bel’s talk illustrates, it’s not just the ‘I can’t do it mindset’ that undermines us. If we get complacent during the journey and lose sight of the ball, or even fail to understand that the journey is just as rewarding as the goal itself, then we can self-sabotage our progress and our ability to finally arrive where we want to be.

So it helps, therefore, to recognise the things that we don’t want to be doing to undermine our dreams so that we can consciously identify them and avoid them. Why? Because if we do this (as most of us tend to focus on the negative anyway!), and then do the opposite of these actions, we will increase our chances of success – especially if we consciously repeat these opposite actions over-and-over again until they become habit.

Bel sums up the whole thing in 5 very simple points and the talk only last 6 minutes, so I’d recommend watching it several times to reinforce your learning.

You can also watch the video on TED here.

(PS To watch a video about the 5 Ways NLP can assist you to reach your full potential, click here.)

What do you think about this? I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section below.

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