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Gratitude for Small Successes: how to supercharge the small things!


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Gratitude for Small Successes

You’ve read about the value of small successes in the previous post (if you haven’t yet, click to read it here.)

The pay-off from celebrating small successes means that you can feel really good about having achieved them. The more that you celebrate small successes, the more success you’ll attract over time – and probably bigger and better successes, for that matter!

However, this got me thinking the other day after having written that particular blog post. It’s not just about acknowledging the achievement and feeling good about. The way to really supercharge the pay-off is also to show gratitude!

Now, gratitude seems me to be one of those things in short supply these days. Think how materialistic have we  become these days! In fact, in the Internet age we take things for granted and expect them to be delivered instantly on demand. Why? Because we have become so attuned to instant gratification, especially in the western world.

Unlike previous generations (like my favourite, the WW2 generation) who really had to live under austere conditions and make do, we have a cornucopia of plenty available – despite the deep recession and  the squeeze on living standards which is spoken about so much in the press these days. Actually, maybe if you took a step back from your every day life and have a hard, objective look at it I bet you’d find plenty to be grateful about!

Well, to my mind that really is the crux of the matter. We should be more grateful for what we have. And its not just a question of moral or ethical duty to be grateful (although, believe me, this should be reason enough!) There’s actually a huge personal benefit as well!

Now that I’ve finished proselytizing, I’ll explain this. 

A while ago, I read a great book by Rhonda Byrne called ‘The Magic‘. It’s a follow up to ‘The Secret’ and – yes – it is Law of Attraction stuff. The thing I really liked about this book, however, is that it was all about  creating ‘magic’ in life through gratitude for (literally!) everything.

The basic logic that’s followed is that we believe in magic as children because we not saddled by the pretensions and materialistic concerns of adulthood. Once we enter adulthood, that all drains away. Rhonda’s point in her book was that if we started feeling gratitude for everything, we begin to appreciate again how wonderful and fascinating life is. This can then rekindle some of the innocence of youth. When this happens, ‘magical’ things begin to happen again as we recognise how much happiness, love and joy there is to be found in the world – despite all the nastiness!

You may or may not be moved by this. However, I found the book to be a great little read with some very useful exercises. You can find out more about it on Amazon by clicking this link.

But lets get back to the point. 

Previously, when speaking about the small successes I talked about recognising and acknowledging them. The previous post suggested recording your successes so that you can track them. As I said, achieving them can be very motivating. However, you can give the recognition of success even more of a boost by feeling grateful as well.

By this, I mean being as thankful as possible for achieving that success. And I really mean, being thankful. Whoever or whatever you are thankful to, it doesn’t really matter. Just do it!

Depending on whatever your goals are, you could be thankful to your family, your friends, your work colleagues, your mentor or coach (if you have one), God, the Universe, Mother Nature – or even yourself! You can say ‘thank you’ to an actual person (if you feel strong enough to), or you can relate it to who or whatever you want through your own thoughts, prayers or mediation. You can write it down or speak it out loud (just as long as there aren’t people nearby who think you’re a little crazy!) Whatever you want to do – as long as your gratitude is a heartfelt thanks!

The real point is that being grateful for the successes you have achieved during the day – whether they be big or small – will make you feel good about what you have achieved and about yourself. Feeling a powerful sense of gratitude for your success releases endorphins, the hormone produced by your body that makes you feel good about yourself (and which is also linked to the ‘flow state‘.) The more this happens, the more you’ll want to focus on success because of the buzz you get (at least, that’s how I think of it!)  And you get more of what you focus on!

So, to supercharge your small successes, feel enormous gratitude. Simple really.

Action Step:

Every time you have a small success, feel gratitude for it – just as I described above.

To really make this a regular habit, get yourself a small notebook (the more ornate the better!) and list all the successes for that day in it. If you like, you can write ‘thank you’ at the end of your entry to really reinforce your gratitude. Review your little journal regularly to remind yourself of all the little successes you should be grateful for.

What do you think of this? I’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below to tell me what you think. 

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