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Focus on Success: My 5 Best Rules!

focusing on success


Would you like to know the 5 best rules I use to Focus on Success? 

Sometime, it helps to have some pointers to get you started on your goal and the road to success. If you’re just setting out on this path and have a plan all laid out, but are unsure what tactics you can adopt to help you out then these 5 rules might give you some useful pointers. These are all approaches I have used and continue to use at present. I can honestly say that I’ve found them really powerful as a way of maintaining focus for success.

My 5 Best Rules for Focusing on Success (Tweet this!)

To find out about these 5 rules, check out the slide-show below (it’s the first in a series of ‘Power Briefings’ which I’ve uploaded to . As an added bonus, you can download and keep the briefing if you wish!):

Did you check out the 5 tips? I hope you’ll find them useful! Now, for some bonus…
Action Steps!
  1. If you have a task or goal you’re are working on at the moment, write it out on a post-it note or card and keep it to hand, preferably in a prominent place. Do this for a week and see how much time you spend on your goal as a result of keeping it at the fore-front of your mind!
  2. Break your goal or challenge down into sections or manageable ‘chunks’ with a clear schedule of when you will work and complete them. Make sure you regularly monitor and check off your progress as you complete each task. (It’s also a good idea to reward yourself for each milestone you achieve in your progress. You can do this by bench-marking your progress within your schedule as your achieve each stage. Why not reward yourself with a little treat, such as buying something or going out to a restaurant with your other half or a friend? This can be a very powerful motivator!)
  3. Get yourself a notepad or notebook and start recording your progress for 30 days. This is another great way to keep track of your goals. Don’t forget, as the slide-show said – you can also use this to record ideas and thoughts relevant to your goal!
  4. Create a spreadsheet or a table in MS Word (or equivalent) and start recording your progress towards your goal using columns similar to that suggested in the slide-show. (This,of course, all depends on what-ever your goal is!) Again, record your progress for 30 days and see how far you actually get at the end!
  5. Start being publically accountable for your goal by recording your progress on your blog (if you have one), social media or a forum you are a member of (I saw some-one doing this recently on a forum of which I’m a member. This is great idea!) Knowing that other people can hold you to account for your actions – as well as giving you encouragement – is a great motivator!

What do you think? Are these 5 rules of use to you? Do you have any other tactics or strategies which you use to maintain focus? Please feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences below. I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

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