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Welcome to Success Psychology, the blog that investigates the ‘Psychology of Success’.

So what’s it all about?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been pursuing that elusive thing commonly called ‘success’ for quite a while. Frankly, it’s a bit like the ‘Scarlet Pimpernel!’  Remember him? ‘They seek him here, they seek him there…’

So why is it that some people seem to reach the dizzy height of success with relative ease, whilst leaving the rest of us behind wondering where it all went wrong? What is it about these people that makes them so different?

I find myself asking myself that quite frequently!

First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself…

The reason why I started this website was because I want to investigate the ‘Psychology of Success’.

There are a lot of self-help gurus and experts out there with a great deal of (sometimes) conflicting advice on offer. Some are genuine, others are purely in it for the money.

In this ‘information age’ we can have too much info available at any one time. It’s often difficult to focus on the best course of action to follow.  However, this action should be simple, to the point and – most of all – likely to lead to the most fulfilling and desirable of outcomes.

So I created this website to try and focus on the best success resources, strategies and courses out there with a view to not just helping myself but others too.

I’m from Shropshire in England, a beautiful county that lies on the borders with Wales. My previous careers are in mainly the public services and training (including law enforcement.)  I’m currently working towards associate teacher status, and have a number of training-related qualifications. My hobbies include Russian Martial Art ‘Systema’ (of which I am now an Instructor-In Training), Kettlebell training and hill-walking. I’m also a keen writer and have produced some science-fiction work under the pen-name ‘Owen Law’. My favourite charities include ‘Help for Heroes’ and ‘Crisis’.

One of my greatest interests is in training and self-development, and in particular, as to how psychology and strategic thinking can assist you on the path to greater success.  Some time back, I realised that there weren’t a great deal of resources available when it came to finding success resources on-line. There are a lot of books available which can be purchased from such sites as Amazon, as well as many courses based on such great disciplines as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)

What seemed to be the case was a dearth of guides which provide a clear strategy for success and self-development. Strategy is one of those things which I believe can help you achieve your goals in life – provided you have one of course! Over the centuries, there have been some classical strategic thinkers who have written great treatises on the whole concept of strategy. There have also been some brilliant philosophers who have also created marvellous works about the path to success.

One such thinker was the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, who wrote the classic ‘Art of War’ two and half thousand years ago. Although a work purporting to be about warfare, this book has been read in modern times by business people hoping to gain the edge over their competition.  This book, in itself, can provide an excellent guide for self-development through strategy. It’s something I have drawn on many times myself though-out my career and personal life.

Of course, more recent guides have focused purely on the attainment of success and wealth. Who could discount the influence of the great self-help guides such as ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill? Since the time of these great writers, there’s been a whole wealth of self-help and self-development guides dedicated to the subject of success.

Your field could be business, entrepreneurship, sports, martial arts or managerial. Maybe, like me, you are a highly creative person with aspirations to achieve great things (mine is in the field of writing.) And, more than anything, you want to succeed in your chosen field.

If so, then I’d like to help by pointing you in the right direction.

What is the secret of ‘success’?

Now, I’m an avid reader and if there’s one thing I love reading about – it’s this very subject! I’ve read lots of book about success, goal-setting, law of attraction, defeating the fear of failure etc etc…you name it. I’m very pleased to say (and this is how things should be in the wonderfully diverse world that we live in) that there are a lot of different opinions about this. Yet they all share a common theme…

What exactly is this? Well, to achieve success you’ve got to have the right ‘mind-set’. In other words, you need to have the correct programme running in your mind.

Cognitive Behaviour theorists believe that the working of the mind all comes down to the way the brain works (and that this in turn feeds your emotional state.) To put it simply, your mind operates like a computer. In order to function correctly, you need the correct ‘operating programme’.

I’ve heard the above statement said many times. And it is very apparent to me that this programming all comes down to ‘conditioning’. Conditioning is basically a result of how we develop overtime, from childhood to adulthood. And there can be a whole range of influences on the way we are ‘conditioned’ or programmed.

It seems to me that those who are focused on and achieve success are the ones who have a well-developed ‘psychology of success.’ They are running the correct ‘operating programmes’ in their minds.

Which is great if you’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to the right factors, conditions and circumstances in the first place (and these factors can be either positive or negative on the face of it!)

But what about the rest of us?

How can we also discover the secret of the ‘psychology of success’ and obtain the dizzy heights of achievement as well? How can we too develop a very powerful and focused mind-set which can help us obtain all our goals in life?

Ask yourself – wouldn’t it be great to know that you can achieve everything you wish for easily and effectively?

So on this website, I’ll be imparting to you some of the resources I’ve enjoyed reading and learning regarding the ‘psychology of success’ – as well as others which I’m currently  investigating and implementing. I think that if any is worth sharing, then it should be shared.

Would you like to know where the best resources for learning the ‘psychology of success’ are? Then you’ve come to the right place!


If you’d like to contact me, you can find me via the following:








Nicholas Davies


07761 814815

For my website,, click here.

Nick Davies - Writer, Trainer and Personal Development Mentor

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