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A Guided Meditation to Check Out…

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A great free guided meditation to check out (Tweet this!)

I’m a big fan of guided meditation and I think they can be a really useful addition to anyone who is on the path of self-improvement.

With all the stresses and strains involved in modern life, let alone those encountered when working towards specific goals or targets, it helps to have something which facilitates relaxation and stress-elimination. 

Meditation is a very useful way of training the mind to adopt a state of calmness and serenity, and can be also be invaluable in facilitiating greater focus and motivation.

A recent article in the Daily Express stated that scientists had concluded in a study that regular meditation, exercise and a vegetarian diet are the three essential pillars towards greater longevity and staving off the on-set of illness. So there are clear health benefits to practising it on a frequent basis.

It helps, of course, if you are new to meditation and unsure how to get started, to have some guidance. A great way to try it out without going to the hassle of ploughing through books or signing up to classes is to use a guided meditation that allows you to meditate without having to do much work. There are some good products out there which I have used myself. However, that doesn’t mean you have to head over to Amazon straight away and start spending your hard earned cash.

Embedded below is YouTube video of a guided mediation uploaded by ‘The  Honest Guys‘, a couple of chaps who are dedicated to promoting meditation and other motivational stuff (as well as cooking!) 

I’ve tried it out myself and I can wholeheartedly say that its worth checking out, purely for its simplicitly and visual effectiveness . It only lasts about 9 minutes and you can either close your eyes whilst listening or watch the images on the screen (head-phones recommended.) 

It’s great either as a simple intro to meditation or as an aide to entering a more prolonged state if you are a bit more experienced.

Although the video is embedded here, I’d recommend watching it on YouTube on full-screen for a more effective experience. I kept my eyes open through-out, as it created a delightfully engaging feeling of mesmerisation watching the waves. However, as stated, if you prefer to close your eyes and listen, that’s fine as well.

Here’s is the link to the video:

YouTube link

If you find this both interesting and useful, ‘The Honest Guys‘ have other similar videos uploaded to their channel which you can check out. Also, they appear to be linked to Meditainment, who also have a free download and some really good products for purchase (some of which I’ve used before) either in CD or MP3 format.

So what do you think? Did you try out this video or anything else on the YouTube channel? What has been your experience of using guided meditations? I’d love to hear you feedback. Feel free to enter a comment in the box below.

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