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The 7 Cardinal Rules of Life

The 7 Cardinal Rules of Life




















The 7 Cardinal Rules of Life! Interesting concept. This image ended up in my Facebook profile stream a few days back and I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

In fact, I have been working around virtually all of seven of these rules whilst conducting my own personal study into the principles of success and fulfilment over the past week. Isn’t it great how things seem to emerge the more you focus on them? I reckon the ‘Law of Attraction’ carries a lot of truth to it after all…

Lets consider each it turn:

1) How true! You need to bury the past. Its dead and gone (we haven’t invented time travel as yet!) So don’t let it encroach on the present. I should know, I’ve let mine affect  me too much in the past! However, the rule is correct in saying that you should make peace with it first. Otherwise, it may come back to haunt you!

2) So who really does care what other people think? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. In fact, we should realise that most other people don’t spend a great deal of time giving us a second thought. They’re mainly wrapped up in themselves too much to care about anybody else. I’ve wasted too much time in the past worrying about what other people think of me. I’m now changing this perspective as well.

3) Well, yes it can – but it really depends how long. Maybe only a few months, maybe years. Sometime, bad things that have happened can linger for ages – but this is only if we let them. We really need to refer to rule one to make this one work, methinks! (To be fair, it did say ‘almost anything’!)

4) Again, this is true. We live in a very diverse world where no one individual is truly the same. Everyone has their own path to follow and each will go to the devil in their own way. Why compare yourself to anybody else? So what if they are more successful than you? In fact, we should celebrate the success of others and be inspired by it! Equally, who am I to judge anyone else? I’m not perfect and, besides, I know nothing about what personal journey has brought them to the place they hold in life. Live and let live!

5) Too much thinking is bad for you – so stop it right now! Alright, I’m not suggesting you turn into an intellectual vegetable. But it does make sense to say that when you stop consciously wasting brain power on a problem, the solution comes much quicker because the subconscious takes over and continues to work on it. Without the distraction of conscious worry and over-analysis, the mind can come up with a solution very quickly (remember the term ‘sleep on it’? Your sub-conscious works most effectively when you’re asleep!) So the solution will come when you least expect it – chill out!

6) You have responsibility for everything you do in life. Not your mum, your dad, your aunt, the government – you! And this includes your happiness. We create our own reality, controlled by the beliefs and emotional attitudes we form over time. This is where mindset comes in. If you have a mindset that is attuned to negativity, that’s all your going to get because that’s what your mind is programmed to focus on. If you want to change this, the responsibility lies with you. You’re in charge. If you want to be happier, there’s nothing stopping you. All you have to do is take responsibility!

7) Smile as much as you can! Why? Because it’ll make you happier. In fact, they say that if you are down make a conscious effort to smile anyway. Consciously smiling and continuing to smile can actually lift your mood after a short while, anyway. And who knows? You smile and others may well smile with you. That’s because it’s contagious! Anyway, what can you do to solve all the problems of the world. for instance, what can I do about North Korea, the situation in the Middle East, Climate Change, world poverty etc etc? I’m not saying these things are not important and should be ignored. Nor am I am saying that I can’t do absolutely anything about them (I can help alleviate world poverty a little by giving to charity!!) But don’t let things bog you down – life is truly too short! And if you are facing problems yourself, remember there is probably somebody else far worse than yourself somewhere else in the world.  ‘Send’ some happiness towards them!

Okay – so I’m largely in agreement with all these 7 cardinal rules of life.

Here’s an action step for you.

Print off the picture of the rules (there’s a print facility at the bottom of this page), cut it out and stick it in your vision book if you have one – or maybe on the fridge door or your noticeboard. Basically, anywhere where you’ll see it regularly. Just as a constant reminder of the rules. After all, we learn by repetition.

To check out more interesting stuff, click on the link for the Facebook page by Lee M Jenkins here:

What do you think about the 7 cardinal rules of life? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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