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Nick Davies’ 30 Day Challenge


30 day goal

My 30 Day Challenge!

A few days ago, I wrote this post on Success Psychology:

It was inspired by an engineer from Google called Matt Cutts. As featured in the blog post, Matt gave a TED talk about habit forming through the use of a 30 day challenge. (You can read the full post here.)

One thing I promised I would do in the post is set myself a 30-day goal for June 2013, in order to put Matt’s ideas to the test. So, after a bit of deliberation, here in my challenge for the next 30 days using the table displayed in the post:

Date set 30 day habit goal Date complete Reflection on progress – did you achieve the goal?
 01/06/13  To write at least 500 words per day. This can be in the form of blog posts, draft reports, novel plans or first draft short stories/chapters. So long as it is 500 words!

Okay, so far – so good!

The biggest challenge is sticking to it!

So why have I have chosen this 30 day challenge?

I like to call myself a writer. So, obviously, it would be logical to assume that I write a lot of stuff regularly, right? Well – er – no! Not as much as I’d like to.

As usual, the pressures of everyday life get in the way. All sorts of task take priorities over what should be time dedicated to writing. Obviously, some of these are essential and important. I have no choice but to do them. Some of these are very mundane but – all the same – they still have to be done.

Other activities could be construed, however, as time-wasters (the usual harbringers of procrastination.) This might be surfing the web, Face-booking, watching TV or reading the newspaper. Anything, really, that’s not really very creative and not going to particularly get me anywhere nearer to my goals. These are the ones I could either cut out or – at the very least – cut down on in order to allow more time for writing.

A few years ago, I wrote the first draft of Dragon Line. At that time, I was regularly spending about an hour a day writing something in the region of a thousand words a day. This was on top of my usual daily activities, including work, home chores, distance learning courses etc.

How was I able to do this? I put it down to having a clearly-defined goal (a fully planned project with a clear set of objectives) which I wanted to work towards. Consequently, having this plan gave me a road map towards achieving the final result – the completion of my novel. With this clearly-defined goal, I was able to prioritise my work over any other activity especially the procrastination stuff!

However, since then I seem to have lagged a bit in terms of my writing – both fiction and non-fiction. So, in order to get back to the habit which I was able to form back then, it seems logical to set myself this as my 30 day challenge so that I can return to an even keel! (In fact, one of the things I will be trying to do this month is come up with the plan for my third novel in the Dragon Line saga. As long as this I do five hundred words on the plan using the software programme on my PC, that’s fine!)

Anyway, today’s goal has already been fulfilled (word count below now says 570, as of time of writing!)

Let’s see if I can keep this up for the next 30 days!

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