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30 Day Challenge: a great Case Study!

Do you think the 30 day challenge works?

I certainly seem to have had quite a lot of success with the challenges I’ve undertaken thus far and seems some other people have too.

30 Day Challenge Case Study (Tweet this!)

The other day, I was fortunate enough to encounter a blog post which was linked to the ‘Habit Forming‘ post on ‘Success Psychology’. (This was the one which featured the Matt Cutts TED talk – read it here.) 

The post is featured on Bobby is a Romanian entrepreneur who splits his time between Bucharest and Dublin and is enthusiatic about writing on-line. He is trying the 30 day challenge over the next three months and has already been working on one where he writes every day on his blog. He states in his post that the habit-forming advantage of the 30 day challenge seems to have worked, as he ended up writing a post at 10 pm on a Saturday (after having initially forgotten.)

I notice from his blog that he has been regularly posting on it every day. So I’d call that a good result! Bobby is doing extremely well and has set himself some ‘baby step’ goals for his up-and-coming challenges. I certainly think he’s on the right track with this. His latest challenge is to give up drinking cola! I certainly wish him well with this!

Again, he has taken his inspiration from Matt. I know that it has certainly worked for me.Take my latest challenge, which I recently posted an update about on my personal blog. This month’s challenge has been to write an article every day for Bubblews and other writing sites. (If you’d like to check out my progress, see this post on here.)

Like Bobby, I’ve got to the stage where I feel as though I need to write an article every day – otherwise I’m letting myself and the challenge down! This is not just a conscious process, its subconscious too. If I haven’t completed at least one article on a site like Bubblews, for example, then I start to feel irritated and deflated.

Recording Progress

One powerful method I have now started to master the challenge is to record progress on a spreadsheet. You can see the results on the update. The great thing about using a method of recording like this  is that it is highly motivational to see just how far you have got with your challenge (and less likely to forget what you should be doing.) Not only that, it provides an opportunity to reflect and identify opportunities for improvement. In the case of my article challenge, the ‘tracker’ (as I call it) also provides some great source material for new ideas for writing, picking up from previous topics I’ve written about.

I’ll be doing a little presentation about creating ‘tracker’ resources like this in the near future. Watch out for that post soon!

In the meantime, if you are working on a 30 Day Challenge yourself, please feel free to add a comment below about your progress. I’d love to hear from you and know how you’re getting on.

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#1Bobby VoicuSeptember 18, 2013, 1:26 pm

Thanks for the mention, Nick!

I want to tell you that I also keep updates of the challenges, I got used to it while losing weight. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that not all challenges can be really updated daily, but even 2 lines every week is good enough, in my opinion (think about it, if I would write every day “I didn’t drink Coke today” I would go crazy and started to drink again just to have something to write 😀 ).

    #2nickdSeptember 18, 2013, 2:49 pm

    Hi Bobby,

    No problem at all, you are very welcome!

    Of course, you are correct in mentioning that its not possible to write about all 30 day challenges in the same way. You would go round the twist writing the same thing over and over again each day! For something like the avoidance of drinking cola, you could always mark your progress off on a calender (i.e. put a tick on the days when you avoided drinking it) and use this as evidence for your report every two weeks.

    Hope all is going well with the challenge – have you managed to stay off the cola completely as yet?

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