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Repost from 30 Day Challenge Review (midway)

30 day challenge review

30 Day Challenge Review

Right, so here I am, halfway through the month. Time for an update on my progress!

So far, I’ve been well on target with my goal of writing at least 500 words a day. I’ve been recording all my progress on a table and it’s looking good:

01/06/13 587
02/06/13 530
03/06/13 550
04/06/13 1088
05/06/13 538
06/06/13 607
07/06/13 512
08/06/13 536
09/06/13 563
10/06/13 637
11/06/13 518
12/06/13 520
13/06/13 Partner’s birthday
14/06/13 520
15/06/13 561

So far, so good as they say. I’ve managed to write at least 500 words each day with the exception of Wednesday 13.06.13 (this was my partner’s birthday, so I couldn’t exactly do any work then! Still, the amount written on 04.06.13 will make up for this seeing as I managed 1088 words that particular day!

As stated in my original post, Matt Cutts declared that it takes 30 days to form a habit (or remove one depending on whatever your goal is, of course!) The biggest challenge is sticking to it! 

Despite the minor hiatus mentioned above, I haven’t really strayed much from the programme. It is easy to err, however, and sometimes (to be honest) there are times when you really feel like not doing anything.

However, this challenge has seemed very energising and the approach I have taken to keep myself motivated does seems to help in keeping my focus on the goal in place. Here’s some things I’ve observed:

1) I’ve allowed myself to vary the topics which I write about, rather than sticking with just one. I believe that writing about different things does help to keep the interest going and also minimise the possibility of writer’s block. For instance, some of the things I’ve been writing include Success Psychology posts, Abundance and Prosperity Posts, auto-responder emails and my draft report. This has allowed me to be able to keep things moving along, as there is always something that needs to be completed.  (Of course, everything thus far has tended to be non-fiction based, so I’m hoping to also do some writing contributing to my next fiction work over the remainder of the time.)

2) It’s also helped to set a realistic target of 500 words minimum. I had originally intended to do a thousand but (just like the SMART target system) it was better to set a more realistic target of 500 because I knew that it would not be too difficult to write this amount in one session. Usually, I find that I go over this anyway so any additional words over this target are a bonus.

3) The final thing I have noticed thus far is that it doesn’t matter about the quality of the words I write, just that the minimum quantity is achieved. After all, the writing is only done in draft form (it will be edited later.) This takes the pressure off to get things done perfectly, because it really doesn’t matter. This is a great liberating factor that can negate that horrible thing called the ‘inner critic’ (there’ll be something about that on Success Psychology soon!)

Okay, so that’s it for now!

I’m certainly happy with my progress thus far. The challenge now is to ensure I keep it up for the next 15 days! (Well, it’s certainly worked today. 516 thus far according to the count below, so that’s good going!)

See you in the final update!

Nick Davies

What do you think of my 30-day challenge? I’d love to hear some feedback. Please feel free to comment below.

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